9 Different Types of Socks for Men

Gone are the days when we could get away with mismatched socks that we hid under the hem of our pants. It's time to dress to impress from head to toe—from our perfectly pressed pocket squares down to our occasion-specific socks. 

Donning the right pair of socks doesn't just incorporate a meticulous sense of refinement into your suave ensemble. No, the art of choosing the right pair of socks ensures that your feet stay cozy and comfortable throughout your workday, soiree, gym day, road trip, hike, or even your midday park stroll. 

Just like shoes, gloves, and other types of accessories, socks come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. This means that you're spoiled for choice—and we're here to help you make the right one.

Dress to the nines with these 9 different types of socks for men. 

Types of Socks: Length 

Before we discover the essential types of socks, let's discuss the purpose of particular sock lengths. 

Some socks are meant to be seen, and others were designed to stay off the radar by being invisible yet functional. 

Depending on the activity that you're dressing up (or down) for, you can opt for socks that suit the occasion without having to compromise on style or comfort. For instance, if you're rocking a pair of shorts in the summertime, your outfit would be better complemented by a no-show sock. Then again, if you're the adventurous type, flaunt your playful dumpling-themed socks that proudly rise above your ankles. 

When Monday hits, you’re probably gearing up for a business meeting. Now, unless this is a Zoom meeting, what you wear on your feet actually matters. Do justice to your smart three-piece suit with dark dress socks that don't draw attention away from the dapper aesthetic of your formal attire. These types of socks mean business. 

After a productive day at work, you deserve to treat yourself to a high-energy gym session. That's when you switch your serious socks for a thicker pair of athletic ones, the best types of socks for sneakers. 

Now, let's go dip our toes in the 9 different types of socks for men! 

types of socks

9 Essential Types of Socks for Men 

1. No-Show Socks 

    While these extremely short socks may be known as "no-show socks", they definitely show up and do their jobs when you need them to be ninja-stealth. 

    These introverted socks provide a similar level of comfort and protection as regular socks, yet stay concealed when you want your shoes to take center stage. On top of that, these types of socks will help you beat the heat during summer, as they offer minimal coverage and are less likely to cause odours. 

    Given that no-show socks don't make an appearance to the public, you will usually find them in more muted, basic colours. 

    Every gentleman needs a few pairs of socks that aren't really there…or are they


    no show socks

    2. Low-Cut Socks 

    If you look closely, you will see the subtle difference in length between the low-cut socks and no-show socks. 

    When you want that extra layer of protection but don't want to commit to ankle socks, low-cut socks will be your go-to option. Primarily, these kinds of socks thrive in casual environments that call for sneakers, loafers, and boat shoes. Low-cut socks create a sockless illusion without robbing you of comfort. 

    low cut socks

    3. Ankle Socks 

      As the name suggests, ankle socks fit nicely around your ankles. Visible just above the rim of your shoe, they promise to stay around your ankles; not above them, not below them.

      Being just slightly visible, these types of socks for men are suitable for showcasing a little bit of colour and texture without stealing the spotlight from your outfit. Given that they're usually lightweight and ankle-grazing, these socks are the ideal solemate for your summer footwear. 

      Their biggest edge is that they are versatile, so you can seamlessly integrate them into any part of your lifestyle. From looking sleek with shorts to trousers, ankle socks are closet staples for every style king. 

      ankle socks


      4. Quarter Socks   

      Quarter socks have a good reputation as the mini versions of crew socks. They are, basically, in between ankle socks and crew socks in terms of length. 

      Quarter socks provide comprehensive coverage for your ankles and are just a few inches shy of touching your calves. Wear these socks if you're looking for a more snug sock fit with added cushioning for fitness activities and formal events.

      quarter socks


      5. Crew and Trouser Socks    

      Crew and trouser socks reign in the sock kingdom as versatile royalty. The only difference between the two is that trouser socks tend to be a tad longer than crew socks. Overall, however, both sit securely around your mid-calf when pulled up to their maximum potential. Alternatively, you have the option to roll them down for styling purposes. 

      As the perfect day-to-day sock, plain crew and trouser socks are often worn in formal  business settings that call for ties and cufflinks. On the other hand, the ones adorned with bright patterns and prints are great for dressed-down weekends when you want your socks to be the stars of the show—just like these cool ones with pineapples on them. 

      Crew and trouser socks aren't just a "want", they are a "need." 

      crew socks

      6. Athletic Socks/ Knee Socks 

      Generally speaking, you can wear any socks for a workout, but athletic socks were built for the game. 

      Athletic socks are extra long and stop at the knees, and are staples for sportsmen like soccer players. Their specialized material offers support for high-octane physical activity such as running. If you break a sweat, these socks will be there to prevent odour, provide optimal ankle support, prevent blisters, provide compression, and improve blood flow. 

      knee socks

      7. Toe Socks 

      Whether you're a seasoned trekker or just prefer elevated comfort for your feet, you can never go wrong with toe socks. 

      Toe socks are popular for their undeniable convenience, as they cover each toe individually, provide added warmth, prevent the risk of blister development, and possess excellent breathability properties. Smelly feet no more!

       toe socks

      8. Knitted Socks  

      The coldest season of the year calls for winter-appropriate socks that aren't bothered by the cold. 

      Enter, knitted socks!

      Made from wool, knitted socks keep your precious feet toasty warm even when it's snowman weather. Plus, they come in various designs that will amplify your Yuletide mood.

      knitted socks

      9. Thermal Socks  

      If your toes tend to get extra frosty in the winter, you may be more inclined to invest in thermal socks.

      Thermal socks are, essentially, the evolution of knitted socks. They are crafted with special thermal technology that provides optimal insulation, so you can dash through the snow without losing a toe…to frostbite. 

      thermal socks

      Socks Maketh Man 

      Whether you're a business formal gentleman who swears by the shine of his Oxfords or a free spirit travelling the world in burger socks, AusCufflinks has all the different types of socks that fit right into every aspect of your lifestyle. 


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