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Black Red Orange Amaryllis Floral Bow Tie

Black Red Orange Amaryllis Floral Bow Tie

A fiery burst of ambition and flair.

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This highly detailed Black Red Orange Amaryllis Floral Bow Tie speaks of fire and passion, of love and bold determination to get things done. Therefore, this bow tie is a wonderful gift for the go-getters in your life; it is great for the men who stop at nothing and have personalities just as bold as their clothing choices. Featuring black, reddish orange, beige and white, this is a bow tie that can make a groomsmen accessory and match easily with the earthy-colour bouquets carried by the bridesmaids. Make this a gift for him that lets him know that you recognize his ambition and drive, his attention to detail that is as fine as the ones within this bow tie.

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