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Blue Flower Grey Business Tie & Pocket Square Set

Blue Flower Grey Business Tie & Pocket Square Set

Subdued charm with tasteful appeal.

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The Blue Flower Grey Combo offers a delightful ensemble for those who appreciate the refined charm that a floral print can infuse into an outfit, without overwhelming or distracting from the overall look. This minimalist combination showcases a subdued grey backdrop adorned with gracefully positioned, uncomplicated blue flowers. These floral motifs elegantly come to life against the darker tone, exuding a tasteful appeal. Distinguished by meticulous craftsmanship, this tie boasts premium stitching and lining. The fabric's exceptional 1200 needle count surpasses the standard 960 count commonly found in most ties, translating into superior texture and finish. Furthermore, the inclusion of premium branded tie lining, typically associated with upscale brands, further accentuates the accessory's luxurious touch. In addition, the set includes a pocket square guide – a practical addition for those seeking to master the art of pocket square folding. Clear instructions for three of the most popular folds are thoughtfully provided on the back of the pocket square packaging, ensuring a polished appearance.

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