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Brown White Polka Dot Business Tie & Pocket Square Set

Brown White Polka Dot Business Tie & Pocket Square Set

Earthy charm, playful polka.

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Featuring a formal brown shade, this set seamlessly complements a wide array of suits, making it an excellent choice for both professional endeavors and social gatherings. The presence of white polka dots introduces a tasteful contrast against the brown backdrop, infusing a hint of color that discreetly directs attention to the set, positioning it as the central focal point of your attire. This ensemble also serves as a thoughtful gift option for him, suitable for various events, parties, and as an elegantly matched tie & pocket square combination for the corporate setting. Elevated by premium stitching and lining, the fabric boasts an impressive 1200 needle count – an advancement beyond the typical 960 count commonly found in most ties. Moreover, the tie incorporates premium branded lining, a feature often associated with upscale brands, further accentuating the accessory's exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

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