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Classic Grey Knit Tie

Classic Grey Knit Tie

Textured grey refinement. Versatile.

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Elevate your ensemble at the next semiformal gathering by introducing the Grey Knit Tie into the mix. As you step into the room adorned in your white suit or denim jacket, prepare to capture attention effortlessly. Grey, a versatile and refined hue, offers a subtle touch when paired with a darker suit, while also serving as a noteworthy statement or accent piece when coordinated with lighter attire. These knit ties prove to be impeccable choices for wedding ensembles and can stand as thoughtful gifts for groomsmen or the groom-to-be. Secure your knit ties today, ensuring a flexible means to incorporate texture into any outfit.
Characterized by meticulous craftsmanship, these ties showcase premium stitching and lining. The fabric boasts an impressive 1200 needle count, surpassing the customary 960 count prevalent in most ties, thereby achieving an exceptional texture and finish.

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