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Classic Yellow Skinny Tie

Classic Yellow Skinny Tie

Brighten up with bold yellow.

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Make an unapologetically bold statement that is not shy nor quiet with this Classic Yellow Tie. Stand out amongst the crowd when you pair this vivid colour of yellow with a dark grey or a rich black suit for any event or for simply going to work. You can say goodbye to drab appearances and hello to turning heads with every step that you take in this necktie. This tie makes a great gift for him for his birthday or as a casual gift, and it is one that he will find himself picking out of the closet as often as possible.

Premium Stitching & Lining:
The fabric is made from a 1200 needle count which is higher grade than the usual 960 needle count most ties are made from. This tie also includes premium branded tie lining usually only seen in upscale brands.

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