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Pink Flamingo Navy Skinny Tie

Pink Flamingo Navy Skinny Tie

Playful charm, standout elegance.

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Inject some light hearted charm into your office attire with the Navy Blue Pink Flamingo Tie. This is an exceptional gift for him, especially designed for gentlemen who relish setting themselves apart from the conventional sea of suits and monochromatic accessories. Combining the timeless allure of navy blue with a captivating diagonal arrangement of embroidered flamingos, this tie captures the essence of relaxed Floridian style. Whether adorning yourself for the everyday nine-to-five routine or gracing a special occasion such as a wedding, this tie whisks you away to distant beaches, allowing you to momentarily bask in the sun and surf miles away from Australia. Elevating the standard of craftsmanship, this tie boasts premium stitching and lining. With a fabric woven to a notable 1200 needle count, surpassing the typical 960 count prevalent in most ties, it achieves a remarkable texture and finish. Furthermore, the tie boasts a premium branded lining – a touch that is commonly exclusive to upscale brands. Introducing the Navy Blue Pink Flamingo Tie – an embodiment of playful elegance, meticulously crafted to enhance your ensemble with a touch of distinct personality and remarkable refinement.

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It was fully refunded because it did not a...

It was fully refunded because it did not arrived

this tie is gorgeous, exactly as it looks....

this tie is gorgeous, exactly as it looks. service was excellent. thanks - will be back.

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