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White Anchor Navy Skinny Tie

White Anchor Navy Skinny Tie

Nautical flair for the modern gentleman.

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Even amid long hours confined to the office, you can transport yourself to the open sea with the White Anchor Navy Tie. The profound blue shade reminiscent of ocean depths forms the backdrop for neatly arranged, small white anchors adorning the entirety of the tie's front. For those yearning to embrace the life of a mariner even from within corporate walls or simply desiring to infuse a touch of nautical allure into their preferred ensemble, this tie stands as a fitting gift choice. Moreover, it proves to be an excellent option for groomsmen ties for those partaking in a maritime-themed wedding celebration. Exemplifying superior craftsmanship, this tie boasts premium stitching and lining. Fabric crafted to a remarkable 1200 needle count – outshining the commonplace 960 count prevalent in most ties – guarantees an extraordinary texture and finish. Notably, the tie also features premium branded lining, a characteristic usually reserved for upscale brands. Introducing the White Anchor Navy Tie – a portrayal of maritime flair, meticulously designed to elevate your attire with a touch of seafaring whimsy and remarkable attention to detail.

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