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Grey Navy Polka Dot Business Tie & Pocket Square Set

Grey Navy Polka Dot Business Tie & Pocket Square Set

Muted grey meets navy dots.

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For those on the lookout for impeccable gift ideas for men, this combo emerges as an exquisite choice. Whether for personal wear or as a thoughtful gift, it seamlessly harmonizes style, versatility, and meticulous design. Infuse formality and modernity with the Grey Navy Polka Dot Combo, fusing the timeless charm of navy blue with the understated elegance of grey. Consider this ensemble as an ideal choice for your groomsmen – a thoughtful gift set that perfectly balances tradition with a touch of modern flair. It's equally suited for a polished tie & pocket square pairing that adds sophistication to your office attire. The tie's exceptional quality is exemplified by its premium stitching and lining, featuring fabric crafted with an impressive 1200 needle count, surpassing the standard 960 count found in most ties. Further enhancing its distinction, the tie boasts premium branded lining, a hallmark typically associated with upscale brands, elevating its overall refinement.

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